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Flowpex uses the same fittings and pipe for gas and hot/cold water, the only difference being the markings on the pipe.

Flowpex is a premium brand utilising the latest technology at the most competitive price.
Here are a number of significant advantages we can offer over competitive systems.

Over Copper

    • Cheaper - Our competitive advantage will only increase as the price of copper increases. 
    • Competitively priced tools - The start up costs to switch to Flowpex are not significant and are well worth the benefits.
    • No Welding - The use of crimp fittings completely eliminates the needs for welding. Imagine no more lugging oxy around. You’ll never have to refill that gas bottle again!
    • Efficient installation - Its simple use allows your jobs to be installed in around one-third of the time, letting you take on more jobs or even take the afternoon off!
    • Malleable and light - Allows plumbers to get into tight spaces with ease. It can also be bent to make corners by hand eliminating the need to attach a corner or bend piece.
    • Eliminates water hammer.

Over PEX only systems

    • Price - we are so competitive on price you will find us similarly priced to other PEX only systems.
    • Once it’s bent it stays bent - It won’t snap back to its original shape like PEX only systems. This allows you to rough-in your work before installing and get into tighter spaces. When hot water is run through them they can collapse and prevent flow. Several systems have bend restraining devices which are not required by Flowpex.
    • Tighter bends can be made - With Flowpex you can make bends of 5X the radius of the pipe. With PEX only products the maximum allowable bend is usually 10X - 15X the radius of the pipe.
    • 100% oxygen tight - No oxygen penetration.

In terms of our competitors with similar composite pipe systems our product brings a number of significant advantages:


    • Approved for gas AND hot/cold water - We believe we are the most competitively priced composite pipe that is approved for use in gas and hot/cold water installations.
    • UV stabilized pipe – Our pipe is a black UV stabilised pipe with a yellow stripe down the side when being used for gas installations and with a blue stripe for water. This allows the pipe to be placed in any exposed area without having to be enclosed in a protective covering or with UV protective paint.
    • Laser welded not overlapped – The aluminium layer in our pipe is butted and laser welded NOT overlapped. This means the product is of a much higher quality. In overlapped systems the pipe takes on an oval shape due to the two pieces of aluminium on one side of the pipe. This means that the pipe doesn’t bend properly if it is bent the wrong way. This can cause kinks in the pipe. It also means that the pipe doesn’t fit into the fitting exactly as it should, which may result in an inaccurate or faulty crimp.
    • Fittings are DR brass – They can be placed within the ground without protection. They also do not leech zinc which would cause the fitting to ‘chalk’ and fail.
    • Quality and competitively priced tools – Our crimp system uses a specially designed over-centre hand crimping tool. This means that a hand crimper can easily be used for all pipe sizes without the need to buy an electric hand crimper. We also have electric crimpers.


Flowpex Benefits You Need to Know

  • UV stable for outside use
  • Both Gas and Water
  • Double crimp system
  • All fittings are DR Brass
  • Be more competitive

Flowpex Does All the Applications

  • Gas
  • LPG
  • Hot / Cold Water
  • Air

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