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What is Flowpex

Flowpex is a multi layered, composite (PE-X/AL/HDPE), cross-linked polyethylene piping system suitable for the carriage of natural gas, LPG, hot & cold potable water and compressed air systems.
The cross-linking carried out during the manufacturing process essentially links the molecular strands of the polyethylene forming a three dimensional structure. The cross linking creates a material that performs extremely well at high temperatures and pressures, making it perfect for plumbing and heating applications. The Flowpex Piping System is gaining an enormous acceptance amongst plumbers and gasfitters throughout Australasia due to it being a quality system that is fast, safe and easy to use and a valid replacement for copper, it also addresses many workplace health & safety issues not easily attainable when using other piping systems.1


How long has the Flowpex system been in use?

The Flowpex system is new but composite pipe has been used extensively in Europe and Asia for years.


Can you use Flowpex with other similar systems?

Definitely not. Under no circumstances can Flowpex pipe or fittings be crimped to other similar systems.

The following is an extract from Regulation Roundup Bulletin, issue 17, April 2006. Office of the Technical Regulator S.A.
Extensions to composite pipe systems.

”If you decide to use a particular composite system for gas installations you are strongly encouraged to provide a BSP threaded fitting, in an accessible location to allow for any future extensions by another gasfitter. In this way you provide a safe means whereby an extension to the gas supply, using an alternative composite system, steel or copper can be done. Remember it may be you looking for this fitting”.


How long does Flowpex last?

Artificial ageing tests carried out within the laboratory calculate pipe life at more than 50 years!


What warranty is available with a Flowpex installation?

Providing the installation is carried out as per the instructions in the Installers Manual, a 10 year installation warranty applies.


Can anyone install Flowpex?

Installation of plumbing can only be carried out by a licensed Plumber. Contact your licensed Plumber and ask him to install Flowpex for you.


What is the price of Flowpex?

For details contact your preferred Merchant for the best priced value for money gas and water product on the market.


Where can I buy Flowpex?

Contact your preferred Merchant or call our Head Office on toll free

1300 78 58 28


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Flowpex Benefits You Need to Know

  • UV stable for outside use
  • Both Gas and Water
  • Double crimp system
  • All fittings are DR Brass
  • Be more competitive

Flowpex Does All the Applications

  • Gas
  • LPG
  • Hot / Cold Water
  • Air

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