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Making a Crimp

STEP 1 - Cutting Pipe

Cut the pipe using shears. Ensure that the shears are square to the pipe. Rotate the shears around the pipe when cutting to ensure a cleaner cut. Standard wheel type cutters may also be used. The pipe has length markings to assist in measuring.


STEP 2 - Gauging Pipe

Use the multi-step reamer to remove any oval distortion and to chamfer the inside of the pipe. Make at least two rotations.


STEP 3 - Assembling Joint

Push pipe into the fitting until the pipe is visible through the indexing holes and the blue plastic anti-electrolysis washer is visible through the Nylon ferrule locator. Never crimp a fitting where the blue ring is not visible or where the pipe cannot be seen through the indexing holes.


STEP 4 - Crimping

Place the assembled joint in the crimping jaws so that the nylon ferrule support engages with the groove in the jaws. This can be left or right. Move the handles of the jaws together until the over centre limits on the handles touch. You will feel resistance for this to happen. Open the handles again and remove the joint.





Flowpex Benefits You Need to Know

  • UV stable for outside use
  • Both Gas and Water
  • Double crimp system
  • All fittings are DR Brass
  • Be more competitive

Flowpex Does All the Applications

  • Gas
  • LPG
  • Hot / Cold Water
  • Air

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