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Our tools are simple to use and inexpensive!

We use one hand crimping tool for all connections. It is designed with an over-centre pivot point, allowing greater pressure to be applied with the same amount of force.
The crimping tool is non-adjustable and does not require calibration or the use of gauges to check the effectiveness of the crimp.
With our hand crimper you will easily crimp 32mm fittings with a 100% durable crimp, something that you can only achieve with an electric crimper using other systems.
If you choose, our crimping jaws also connect to existing power crimping tools.



Flowpex Benefits You Need to Know

  • UV stable for outside use
  • Both Gas and Water
  • Double crimp system
  • All fittings are DR Brass
  • Be more competitive

Flowpex Does All the Applications

  • Gas
  • LPG
  • Hot / Cold Water
  • Air

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